Accounting Software:

  • The training, installation and support of such is included.


  • Purchases from your suppliers
  • Invoicing to your customers
  • Bank transactions, receipts, debit orders and payments

Payroll & Basic HR:

  • Generating Payslips
  • Tracking loans and repayments
  • Recording leave days, sick days, and holidays
  • Creating IRP5’s at the end of the tax year and when an employee resigns

SARS Submissions:

  • Bi-monthly VAT return – VAT201
  • Monthly VAT Return – VAT201
  • Monthly payroll taxes (PAYE, UIF & SDL) – EMP201
  • Bi-annual payroll taxes reconciliation EMP501
  • Bi-annual Provisional Tax
  • Annual Tax Return

Accountant Supervision:

  • All transactions are reviewed for accuracy.
  • Verification of all VAT transactions.
  • Advice on all tax deductible expenses that can be claimed.
  • Assessment of your accounting policies and controls.
  • Month-end and Year-end adjustments and corrections.

Management Accounts:

  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Customer and Supplier Age Analyses
  • VAT / Tax Transactions report

Budgeting & Forecasting:

  • Understanding your actual results against the budget
  • Forecasting expenses and income

Meeting & Briefing:

We are always happy to meet with you and go over your financial results so that you can get a deeper understanding of what they entail for you.