Security measures to consider when starting your online store

 2017-06-22 10:13 AM by
Security measures to consider when starting your online store

The reality is online shoppers aren’t the only ones looking to score online. And just because you can’t physically see someone trying to pickpocket you doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Today, it’s easy to set up a website, but if it’s too easy and we haven’t considered the security of the domain, we’re setting ourselves up for trouble. Being online is a responsibility, one you shouldn't take lightly. Follow these tips to tighten up your security when starting your online store.

How to ensure you’re not in hacking territory

Scammers often redirect customers to a fraudulent site that looks legitimate. Make sure the website’s address is as it should be. Secure websites, especially if you’re using Google Chrome, will display a green “https” in the address bar. The addition of the “s” lets you know it’s secure. While shopping online, this serves as a sigh of relief for shoppers. Also note that when you secure your site with a “https” protocol, Google notices and will boost your site in search engine rankings. Remember, having a security system in place is your website’s first line of defence against cyber crime.

Why you don’t want your website to say ‘this site may be hacked’.

Google uses site browsing technology to validate the security of websites with approximately 10 000 searched a day. They do this to protect users from using possibly dangerous websites, and if yours ends up on their list, then visitors to your site will receive a big warning message such as ‘this website has been reported as unsafe.’ Now, what does this do to your website revenue? According to Sucuri, a security company:

  • All the hard work you've put into optimising your website when starting your online store will be for nought.
  • It could take you months to regain the trust of search engines (while customers are slipping by).
  • You could lose up to 95% of website traffic.
  • Website hacks are notorious for destroying brand trust. It takes a lifetime to build brand trust and minutes to tarnish it.

Use secure online payment options

When website visitors have to give up personal details, especially credit card information, businesses have to ensure this information is encrypted. Make sure you use one of South Africa’s leading payment providers to guarantee the highest levels of safety. Integrate your store with Sage Pay as a secure payment gateway option to process local and international credit cards safely. We process these cards with a variety of fraud protection mechanisms in place to protect you against chargebacks. Enable your website to accept online payments with the choice of 13 free shopping cart plugins using Pay Now. Leave the choice of payment up to your customers. Sage Pay is verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code and is a PCI compliant operator for credit card processing which means we use global programs designed to make transacting on the internet safer for both buyers and sellers.

Yes, online shopping has increased in popularity over the years, but it’s placed even more attention on website owners to develop a safe and secure online environment; keep this in mind when choosing website building software. Get your business online and build a professional website yourself. Register for our 30-day trial. You’ll have free access to the:

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