Beginners guide to SEO content marketing

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Beginners guide to SEO content marketing

Search Engine Optimisation, more commonly known as SEO, is the use of techniques to attract the attention of search engines so they can make it easier for searchers to find your website. Search engines crawl through every page to review the content’s relevance to the searcher. If the search engine deems the content extremely relevant to their query, then your website, or a particular page, will appear at a higher rank after a search. If you’re thinking about employing SEO techniques, but you’re not sure where to begin, then this beginner’s guide to SEO content marketing is for you.

SEO content marketing best practises to bear in mind

The best advice we can give you when it comes to doing SEO is to be genuine. Don’t try to trick your way up search engine rankings because they will find out and penalise you. The last thing you want is your website to be inaccessible to your potential clients. Before you do anything SEO related, ensure you understand your visitors’ unique behaviour.

How SEO and content marketing complement each other

Content plays an important role when search engines index websites and decide on their rankings. To improve your chances of ranking higher, do your keyword research before adding any content to your webpages. This will help you write about topics that people are already searching for and it will help you attract the right type of searcher who will be interested in your business. For instance, a catering company could use the keyword pancake recipes and write a blog about this topic. The heading could read How To Make Pancake Recipes In A Jiffy and then include this keyword within the body of the blog at least four more times. When the searcher types in the keyword your blog will appear amongst the results.

The frequency of the content you’re publishing will improve your SEO rankings, that’s why it’s advisable to blog regularly. This is how SEO and content marketing work together. The one can’t exist without the other. It could in a sense, but you will either have content that no one can find or random keywords on a webpage. By putting them together you will create the perfect mix of optimised and readable content. SEO techniques will bring searchers onto your website and quality content will keep them there.

How social media influences traffic volumes

SEO is done to bring new visitors to your website, social media accomplishes that same task.

But before we jump ahead, you need to understand that search engines can’t index your Facebook’s data the same way it indexes a website, but they can crawl through posts to see the relevance of links added. This lets search engines know that people are arriving onto your website from a reliable source. You can use Google Analytics to find out which campaigns are bringing in the most traffic and duplicate it in future to improve your conversion rate.

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