Marketing automation software: it’s the closest you’ll get to having superpowers!

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Marketing automation software: it’s the closest you’ll get to having superpowers!

Before you recoil with either terror or boredom at the thought of marketing automation software, please, read on. While you might have thought that your small business marketing would require a lot of work, a lot of money and a glossary of marketing jargon to hand, you’d be mistaken. Technology might have given us the iPhone, but it’s also given us something much more valuable – a tool to make your small business marketing all but run on autopilot. Yes, you guessed it – that tool is marketing automation software.


Here are a pick of just some of the things marketing automation software can do, and why it’s so important for your business!

Marketing automation software makes it possible for small businesses to market themselves like large organisations


First of all, what’s marketing automation software anyway?

It’s a system designed to find your business more leads and convert them into loyal customers. As well as lightening the work load for you, the marketing manager, marketing automation software lets you do things you’d never be able to before – like send out emails from a beach, without your laptop. Without the huge marketing department and resources on tap that large organisations enjoy. Small businesses need all the assistance they can get to create marketing campaigns that are just as effective as their larger counterparts.


Landing pages and forms capture valuable visitor information


One example of marketing automation software is a form on a landing page, designed to capture the contact details of anyone visiting your website. Perhaps you want to offer potential customers a free guide or a free trial, but if you don’t capture the names and contact details of the visitors interested in your products, you have no way of knowing who your potential customers are. Once a visitor has filled out the form, their information is captured and stored in a database – a database that’s worth its weight in marketing gold. Think of it as your little online marketing black book.


Automated emails help you engage personally with your leads, without you having to be at your computer


Lead nurturing emails are another aspect of marketing automation software. Once you’ve got your little black book for potential leads, the next step is to nurture those leads. As implied by the word, lead nurturing is a subtle way of converting a lead into a loyal customer – rather than by aggressively cold calling people you think are interested in your products. Once a visitor has filled out a form on a landing page, they’re sent a series of emails at set intervals. Depending on your marketing strategy, this might be once a week, or once a month. The fantastic thing about these email workflows is that template emails can be drafted and then automatically sent out whenever you want them to be – regardless of whether you’re in the middle of the veld, on a tropical holiday or fast asleep.


Make sure you invest in software that’s worth its salt


Marketing automation might be the silver bullet marketers didn’t even know they needed, but it’s important to make sure any marketing automation software you invest in is worth its salt. Given the rate at which the industry is developing, it’s also crucial that you select a vendor that’s continuously innovating, and one step ahead of the digital marketing curve.


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