Consider this before building your website

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Consider this before building your website

“If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe”, Abraham Lincoln.

Planning is a key to building your website. There are a number of elements you need to coordinate in order to be able to quickly and effectively build a good looking, well structured and search engine compliant site.

Do the planning before you start to build your website in order to ensure that you take everything into consideration.


Website elements used in building and effective site

In order to create your website you need to put the following elements together:

  • A knowledge of the keywords used by your customers to search for you online
  • Menu structure of your website
  • Structure of your home page / landing page
  • Images to be used on your website
  • Text you need for each of the menu items
  • Forms you need on the various pages to get lead details
  • Page titles and descriptions you need for search engine optimisation
  • General SEO (search engine optimisation) issues
  • Premium content and lead generation
  • Do I build it myself or do I get a professional service to build it for me?

You need to have thought these through and possibly have drawn rough diagrams of the structure of your site before starting to build it.

Keywords and how to make them work for you

It is important to know what keywords people are typing into search engines in order to find the types of products and services that you offer. In addition some keywords are highly contended and very expensive if one is setting up an adword campaign.

Knowing what keywords are being used can help you in setting up the heading names of the content articles you are going to write for the site.

The menu structure of your website

The menu of your website is the key to enable navigation, ideally your menu names should also be keywords that you have identified, if not at least set a proper page title and description to the pages that they link to. We use the page title as the actual name of the html page that is generated so this must contain some key words you have identified.

We recommend a menu which is only 2 layers deep, what this means is that your top level menu can have sub-menus, but ideally your sub-menus do not have sub-menus in themselves. It just gets too complex for navigation.

Images to be used on your website

The images you use on your website are one of the defining things that will give your visitors an impression of your company. Obviously clean, clear site design is similarly important.

Bad quality logos, out of focus images, badly sized must be avoided at all costs. I have included a lightbox below of the image sizes you should use when building your website using our software.

Text you need for each of the menu items

Write the text for your pages keeping in mind that you should use H1 and H2 tags and that you must use targeted keywords in your text.

Keep your text clear and simple. Have your text proofread by a professional proofreader.

Forms you need on the various pages to get lead details

Where you have an article on your website with a call to action ensure you have a form where you will record the person name and contact details.

Premium content and lead generation

Consider creating premium content which is in a pdf or similar and which site users will have to subscribe to in order to read. They must enter their email address to obtain it and can then be contacted to determine requirements thereafter.

Do I build it myself or do I get a professional service to build it for me?

As you can see from the above content it is a fairly complex business to create a feasible working website.

Do you as a business owner or manager do all of this yourself, or do you get it done for you?

We offer a full site creation service - excluding content creation - but we will put together your site for you, saving you a lot of hassle and wasted time.