Adventure Inc

Premium Package & eCommerce


 Adventure Inc. is run by a small group of people who make a big footprint in their industry, and wanted an online profile to give them a good platform to base future product sales, specials and customer product engagements from.

Sage Online Tools worked closely with AI's designers to create what they had in mind and we're very happy with the results. They've now got a professional, product-driven website in order to showcase premium brands adventurers alike in South Africa have come to know and love.


Avoid the Trade in

Standard package & eCommerce


Kyle Wanted a website that spoke to his customers and allowed them to easily get into contact with him regarding selling or trading their vehicles online. Having a mobile-friendly website was essential as most customers would be visiting the site on their mobiles.

Clean & professional, we focused on creating easy to identify calls-to-actions to guide the users where we wanted them - to sign up for a car quote for a vehicle trade-in


Unlimited Building Supplies

Premium package


 Ultimate Building Supplies contracted Sage Online Tools to manage the creation of  multiple eCommerce stores for their business. Having warehouses all over the country, each with separate stock levels required multiple stores to be set up, fetching data from each warehouse in Evolution.

They'll be taking tradesman & wholesale price orders online from their customer base, with pricing matrix discounts thrown into the mix to further enhance their customer-facing offering.



Standard package

Clean, professional, trustworthy are all the design elements you'd expect of a company that works in the financial medical industry. We especially like the attention to detail of the colour palette and the way they're used to highlight the noteworthy points of info.

Just Boxes

Premium package & eCommerce


No Frills, No Fuss, is the Just Boxes Motto and why should the website not operate in the same way! We provided Pauline with all the tools to get the job done by creating a website that was not only visually astonishing but also effectively directed her customers to all of her service offerings.


Brewcraft SA

Premium package & eCommerce


Over the last 15 years, BrewCraft int. Has developed into one of the most respected brands in home beer brewing market and supplying to our specialised brew shops throughout the world and not supermarkets as others. Brewcraft required a website that not only captured the customers attention but also ensured that they could easily navigate through the online store. 

Lets Learn Toys

Standard package & eCommerce


Kendyll was inspired to start selling Educational Toys online. Through the Sage Online Tools E-Commerce Platform our designers were able to come up with something very eye-catching and visually appealing whilst remaining functional and user-friendly.


Tentsile south africa with sage

Tentsile SA

Standard package & eCommerce


Matt was overseas and spotted the fantastic range of tree tents from Tentsile. He contacted Sage Online Tools to assist with the setup, design and implementation of an eCommerce store that was easy to use and showcased the unique products in a clean, trendy and easy-to-order online manner, thus Tentsile SA was born.

Once the site went live, Sage was tasked with marketing their products via social media channels to grow the web traffic and target specific users. Facebook was used for Digital Marketing and the response has been great.

Frontier Fly Fishing

Premium package & eCommerce

Mike has been a key component in getting the Frontier Fly fishing site up and running. They were using Sage's old eComerce platform (Integrator), but usability, SEO optimisation and front-end customer experience were the change catalyst.

We liked the high-quality product images, giving the store a very premium feel, and leaving the customer able to examine the products in detail before making a purchase. The products were all imported via spreadsheet, making the upload process efficient for both parties, using the bulk-upload facility Sage Online Tools caters for.

Frontier Fly Fishing


Premium package & eCommerce

Who would have thought you could buy firewood online? Ryan thought so and has developed Firewood into one of JHB's most popular online firewood ordering services

The specific requirements were a challenge for the design team and after a lot of consultation & implementation the site was launched. We love the branding and the way it's carried through onto the website elements, with ease of use and mobile-friendliness being a priority


Standard package

Rukayat has a unique take on skincare and beauty with the Koili brand. The products have a simple but clean style and this was carried through on to the website.

Being one of the first websites on our new website design platform, we were able to do custom design elements as default, making the website easier to maintain for the Koili team. The next steps we recommend are looking at the digital marketing package to drive traffic to the website

AU Gold

Premium package & eCommerce with 20 products

AU Gold is a premium Vodka brand that launched in the City of Gold and needed the website to reflect the premium offering.

Jesse the designer on the project interpreted this into a dark, minimalist theme in order to let the branding and product shots come to life in a classy light. Now whenever a social media campaign is run, customers have a professional website to click through to and shop online.

Dirty Hippo

Premium package & E-store selected.

Dirty Hippo was the brainchild of avid outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists Martin and Heinrich. Their passion and attention to detail is evident in the way their e-store was constructed under instruction by Kyle.

With a mobile-friendly e-store and a slick design, they're all set to future proof their business (we all know it's moving online right?). If you're looking for a great present for a friend, check out their store (it's mobile friendly as well so there's no excuse).

It's just a hill, get over it

Boosting Dirty Hippo Website online

Ingie.G Stationery Company

Ingie.G Stationery

Standard package & E-store selected.

A mobile-friendly website is often essential for potential customers who's days are choc-a-block, logging on and making a purchase becomes a routine for even the most techno-phobic of individuals.

Ingrid was looking for an e-store that integrates with her Sage One accounting software to take the hassle out of cross-entering her data and capturing/processing invoices. The new feature of business-to-business customer login (once logged in, a customer can access a different price-list other than the store-front's retail price-list) was also used to provide an easy-to-use portal for other businesses to place orders. All her business can now be done from one platform!

BACCI Trading

Standard package selected.

Gareth was looking for something very specific in order for BACCI to stand out from the noise. We created a minimalist website with attention paid to modern styling and design trends, but yet informative and easy to navigate. 'Premium' was the design brief.


The result was nothing short of astonishing, with users now able to access their fund factsheet or inquire about bespoke trading services on a platform that eminates the same level of high-end, customer orientated services that BACCI provides.

GL Cottages

Premium package selected

Deborah and the lovely team at GL Cottages work for an organisation promoting equal work-place agenda for both genders. Their lovely B&B had an old website that wasn't mobile friendly (people looking for accommodation often are on the move) and also wasn't ranking well in Google.


With the Premium package, Jesse (one of our Sitebuilders) was able to create something aesthetically pleasing but more importantly effective in getting the right Google traffic to the website and converting that traffic into leads.  

Pilot Point of Sale

Premium package selected

Glen Miller, MD of Pilot Software Holdings had this to say about our product and services offered:

"Last year we decided to overhaul our website after realizing we were receiving very little lead benefit from the site. Our Google page ranking was normally page 3 or 4 for our selected keywords.

To say we have been astounded by the results is an understatement. Although we were concerned about upfront costs (based on what other ‘experts’ could provide), this was an unnecessary worry.

In the first month since the site has gone live, we have already seen sales qualified leads jump by 70%, indicating a potential ROI of over 1000%. Not only that, but on most browsers we have hit Google page 1 ranking for our selected keywords."

Pilot Point of Sale with Sage Online Tools

E-commerce synced accounting software


Standard package selected

Nathan Ragovan came up with a concept we thought was very clever - to package kids lunches with all the right stuff to help them maintain a healthy body and remain mentally sharp for school (no sugar loaded snacks etc). Convenient for parents, yummy for kids.

Nathan needed a website to capture what it meant to be a kid again as well as promote his offering which would find a place in all health-conscious parents hearts. The Organikids website was born.

We used stunning large images as well as call-to-actions to ensure that clients know where to click to and what to do. Organikids now sells their wares online via our e-commerce plugin, and Nathan loves the way the order flows form the website back into his Sage One accounting, meaning he has almost no paperwork to deal with on a daily basis.

Pollination Capital

Standard package selected

Johann is a passionate venture capitalist who specialises in taking an idea and turning a profit. His holding company, Pollination Capital was his first project with Sage Online Tools, and has enjoyed dealing with our design team so much, he's subsequently moved over 3 of his other websites (some with e-commerce) to our platform.

Johann enjoys knowing that his website is professionally set up, optimised for mobile users as well as consistent, 1st time pickup by an operator (no switchboards!). Johan is a passionate blogger and his business knowledge has great depth, we recommend following him on his website's blog and social media!

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