Best practises to use in conjunction with your email marketing software

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Best practises to use in conjunction with your email marketing software


If you think email marketing software  is as outdated as video tapes, floppy disks or cassettes, you’re severely mistaken. According to Hubspot, “91% of consumers check their email daily.”


Using email marketing software is a reliable means of reaching your audience where they are. Your email recipients can click on emails when it is most convenient for them, as long as you have a readily available list of contacts, you obey spam rules and provide interesting and relevant content that your customers will want to indulge in. You can leverage email marketing to help your business attract new customers. Take a look at our email marketing best practices to increase your email click rate.


Email consistently


Everlytic, a cloud marketing company, advises you to set up an email schedule and stick to it. Whether it’s once a week, or once a month, if you are providing great content, your audience will soon become accustomed to your schedule and expect your mail to arrive promptly at the expected time. Use the data you gather over a period of time to measure what day and time your click rate does significantly better, you can use this information to send out your emails when it’s most relevant.


Be personal


Chances are, if you’re a small business owner, you already know your clients well. Large corporations often send generic emails that target no one. Business 2 Community a community of digital marketing contributors, calls it “batch and blast.” it achieves the marketer's objective of sending out an email, but there won’t be any interaction thereafter, because emails won’t entice an audience to read on and open up a dialogue.


As a small business owner, you have the luxury of having a one-to-one relationship with your clients. You know their product preferences and how to talk to them. According to Infusionsoft, a sales and marketing company for small businesses “Let customers know they’re more than a pair of eyes or a prospective sale. To you, they’re a name, a person.”


Make it mobile friendly


Since two out of three emails are opened on one's phone, according to Entrepreneur, “ Make sure that your email design is based on elements that work well in that environment.” Include large text, small-file-sized images, a lot of white space and touchscreen friendly buttons in your web design, so that visitors coming from an email click don’t need to switch to another device to view your content.


If you can, include images and graphics


This will increase the likelihood that your emails will not only be opened, but that people will want to interact with the content once they’ve opened it. According to Business to Community, include eye-catching fonts and compelling messages to improve your click rate, but try not to make it look messy. Follow this YouTube tutorial on how to insert images and graphics in your emails.


How to keep your emails out of the spam filter


Make sure your emails do not appear to the recipient as spam. Create a great first and lasting impression, so that you can keep your audience interested for as long as possible, According to SendGrid an email cloud based company, you accomplish this by:


  • Not using a misleading subject line;
  • Identifying your email as marketing;
  • Tell your recipients where your business is located;
  • Have the ‘unsubscribe’ option, tell your recipients what they need to do to achieve this and honour the action, if they have taken it;
  • If someone is in charge of this, monitor it to ensure they are follow this code of conduct;
  • Avoid using spam trigger words, Hubspot has the ultimate spam trigger list of words to help you out. If a spam filter in your emails sees any words that they deem spam, your emails won’t even get to your audience. So avoid these words in your subject line at all costs.


To help your small business marketing prosper without the need to sacrifice other business critical tasks, you need an email marketing software that will help you close more leads. Using an email marketing software enables you to create a template for your email workflows and not have to recreate it every time you upload a new workflow. Sage Online Tools will improve your small business marketing with our personalised branding on all email newsletters and clickable, embedded links to your business website. Try our 30-day trial for yourself