How to get your marketing strategy ready for the festive season

Get your marketing strategy into the Christmas spirit

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How to get your marketing strategy ready for the festive season

Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year. The end of October heralds the arrival of Christmas candy, pudding and sweets in festive packaging in Woolworths, while Pick n Pay also rolls out their extensive Christmas campaign. For some, this is the happiest time of the year – others sit tight and wait for the sixth of January when Christmas decorations are torn down and stowed away in their boxes until 11 months later. However you feel about Christmas, it needs to feature in your store’s marketing strategy . We’re going to take a look at why you need to do this and how to do it in a way that’ll entice even the Grinchiest of people.


People shop more at Christmas, as they get spurred on by the infectious seasonal spirit


So why do you need a Christmas marketing strategy within your overall marketing strategy? Well, people do a lot more shopping during December – plus, they try to buy everything on their Christmas lists and want to stick to their budget. Now is the perfect time to start rolling out those promotions and discounts, because people are sure to snap them up. Not only that, but your competitors will most definitely be sprucing up their marketing strategies during this time, which means you can’t afford not to. There must also be a Christmas element in your marketing strategy because your valued customers expect it, and the Christmas spirit is infectious. By making an effort at this time of year, you’ll be appealing to your customers as human beings – which is what they are, after all.


A festive marketing strategy certainly does wonders for Woolworths and Pick n Pay


You only have to walk down the aisle of any supermarket or have a quick browse on their online stores to realise the importance of a marketing strategy tailored to the festive season. These channels; magazines, TV and radio are all filled with examples of businesses jumping on the Christmas bandwagon (or should we say, the Christmas sleigh?). From Woolworth’s “Wish for anything you want” campaign, to Pick n Pay’s “A perfect Christmas, discover yours” – Christmas obviously sells. Not only are customers drawn to the discounts and festive products, businesses like these are giving them value adds, such as a list of gift ideas, recipes and videos to feed their customer base with some holiday cheer.


Adjust your marketing strategy to what your customers want


A great marketing strategy speaks directly to its intended audience. Rather than sending out dictatorial marketing messages and giving your target market what you think they want (like the ad agencies of old would have done), businesses need to engage their current and potential customers on a personal level. Don’t forget that they’re people – not just a ticket to large profits. As such, your marketing strategy needs to incorporate the themes and events that are held dear by the people you want to form relationships with. Heritage Day, the Rugby World Cup and Christmas are just a few examples of events that you need adapt your small business marketing to. In addition, you need to be continually keep your ear to the ground to pick up on trends that might pop up throughout the year.


Adjust your product offering or solve a Christmas conundrum with your strategy


You’re certain you want to devise a festive campaign, now how do you go about doing so? First, you can assess your products and offerings, and see whether you can tweak any of them to make them more Christmas-y. This could be the features of the product, its packaging or pricing. Maybe you want to do a ‘two for the price of one’ offer, or throw in free gift-wrapping. If one of your products solves a Christmas season-related problem, maybe you could consider promoting these – how many times have you mistaken your drink for someone else’s? If you sell homeware, perhaps you might consider stocking accessories like these, to help party guests tell their drinks apart.


Stay away from clichéd Santa Clauses and snowflakes


If you really want to take your Christmas marketing to the next level, then think of ideas that go above and beyond the clichéd Santa Claus vibe. Tygerberg Valley shopping centre won an award for its Christmas in Africa promotion last Christmas, as reported on the African Marketing  Confederation’s website, for its original festive decorations. Instead of adorning the mall with decorations more reminiscent of wintery European landscapes, the mall was decorated with proteas and other emblems of Christmas time in Africa. Is there something you can do to freshen up the yuletide aesthetic and make your brand stand apart from all the rest?


Whatever you decide to do for your seasonal marketing strategy , an ecommerce store is a great way to boost traffic at this time of year, and beyond. To see what an ecommerce store can do for your small business marketing, sign up for our 30 day free trial.