Small business marketing: social media platforms to consider when starting your own online store part 2

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Small business marketing: social media platforms to consider when starting your own online store part 2

Avoid relying on a social networks based solely on their user size, because it won’t guarantee you a wider reach. As user’s interests shift, it could be risky to place all your effort into single social network. Being on more than one means you won’t have to fight for attention on an overcrowded platform. Here are the most important social media platform businesses should at least be considering to implement in line with their small business marketing.


In part 1 we had a look at some of the top contenders including Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. In this blog we will look at Instagram, Google+ and Facebook as viable options.

Instagram is growing considerably in South Africa

 Incorporating Instagram into your small business marketing could be a smart move because according to the South African Social Media Landscape 2016, conducted by World Wide Worx and Fuseware, Instagram has seen the fastest growth in South Africa and “also shows the highest planned use by major brands for social networks.” The image-based platform allows users to visualise the brand or its products and get the inside scoop on business happenings. All in an effort to create a personal relationship with your customers. Brands with a lifestyle nature, such as fashion, food and luxury should definitely be on this platform – no questions asked. Have a look at these brands killing it on Instagram.


Help your customers to find you using Google+

 Having a Google+ page will aid your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and according to Small Business Trends, “Having a Google Plus account allows you to claim authorship of your original content. This keeps your unique and original content valuable and accredited to you.” Use Google My Business to help your customers find your physical location and enable your business to appear in search engine results specific to your products or services. According to Google, “businesses that verify their information with Google My Business are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers.” Google My Business has just updated their analytics capabilities, giving business owners valuable insight into how people are finding them.


What type of brand should be on Facebook?

 With reference once again to the South African Social Media Landscape 2016, “Facebook is now used by a quarter of all South Africans,” and has increased in popularity by 8%, from 12 million users to 13 million. Out of that amount; 77% access the platform on their smartphones. Facebook is a great place to market your business, but remember people go onto Facebook to socialise and not to see marketing material. You need to be a source of information for your followers, be another one of their friends and not a marketing nuisance. Keep to the 80/20 rule, post 80% entertainment value posts and 20% promotional.


Important social media considerations

 Consistency is key to social media, in terms of your tone of voice and the type of content you post.  Use a synchronised approach, in other words allow all your social media platforms to support each other. For instance Instagram will automatically update on your Facebook feed if you allow it.

 Make sure the platform makes sense for your brand and what you want to achieve with your small business marketing Elle Decoration, for instance, are on all the right social media platforms to best suit their brand, including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Another important consideration is to analyse the potential engagement you are likely to reach from each platform, according to Mike Wronski, the managing director of Fuseware, “the secret for companies trying to leverage social networks lies not only in the numbers of users, but also in how heavily those users engage in these networks.” Despite the fact that Facebook has more users than Twitter, it receives far more brand engagement.


The most important thing to keep in mind is according to Entrepreneur, “Social media only works if you stay involved.” Social media requires dedication. To give your small business marketing a boost consider using us to help you grow your business on Facebook. We can help you attract more likes and followers, target unique followers and give you insightful monthly reporting. If this has got you rethinking your strategy or if you’re considering starting your own store, contact us for more information.