How to build a website that is Google friendly

 2016-09-23 01:23 PM by
How to build a website that is Google friendly

Google has become one of the richest sources of information and an essential tool to everyday life. Yet, while this vast expanse of knowledge seems somewhat esoteric and unexplained to the untrained eye, there are countless algorithms and calculations behind a simple Google search. When the first page of search results pops up, it doesn’t contain just any websites, it contains the most relevant search results based on keywords and how optimised the websites in question are. This means that if you have a website of your own and you want more relevant traffic, you’ll need a website that is search engine optimised.

How exactly does Google index websites?

 While it is easy to get overly excited and throw keywords into your website like a tourist throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain, this isn’t the only thing required and keywords need to be implemented correctly because you can have too many or conflicting keywords.


Because Google uses approximately 200 ranking factors in their algorithm which range from domain factors like domain age to page-level factors such as content length and keyword density, it is crucial to learn how to build a website that search engines will pick up. In layman’s terms, how Google indexes your website is essentially determined by the information you provide, the types of sites that link to yours, content, accessibility and ease of use. If you’re still not quite clear on this, refer to the webmaster’s guide.


What’s the purpose of an optimised site?

 When most companies learn how to build a website, they do so with the “if you build it, they will come” mindset, but this isn’t quite accurate. With so many competitors and vast amounts of content existing on the internet, an optimised site is essential if you want to see any ROI. Website optimisation refers to SEO, how quickly a website loads as well as how smoothly it operates (how user-friendly it is.)


An optimised site ensures that you target the people specifically suited to your brand. And, while traffic is good, nothing beats the right kind of traffic – and optimised websites get the right traffic which eventually results in more qualified leads, meaning an optimised site directly affects your bottom line.


Website building software that helps optimise your website

 Just like when building a house, when it comes to building your site, you should begin with a foundation which will support your end goals. In this case – optimisation. Fortunately, we at Sage Online Tools have made this easy for you and we show you how to build a website that is optimised, we can even take it a step further and do it for you. We can either optimise your already existing website, build a fully optimised website for you or give you access to our intelligent website building software which will show you how to build a website on your own. Our software packages are available in different affordable offerings so if you want to guarantee an impressive website, try out our free trial for yourself.