How to work retail trends into your marketing strategy this Valentine’s Day.

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How to work retail trends into your marketing strategy this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day much like any other holiday offers businesses the opportunity to gain great ROI on their marketing, as people will be scouring the internet for Valentine’s Day ideas. This presents an opportunity for you to draw your potential customers straight to your website. “For any business, regardless of industry, integrating themes from relevant holidays into your marketing efforts provides a unique opportunity to reach your target audience in a creative way,” says Gabriel Shaoolian the Vice President at Blue Fountain Media.

This also means that small businesses will have to step up their game to be heard as large business competitors will inevitably be better resourced to stand out from the cluttered marketing messages. While SMEs might not be able to compete with the marketing budgets of big retail brands, the upside is that small businesses don’t need to go through different channels to get approval for marketing campaigns. They may wait so long that they end up missing Valentine’s Day altogether, small businesses can capitalise on Valentine’s Day retail opportunities by employing a smart marketing strategy


How Big Brands win with an online marketing strategy.

The retail industry has seen online channels contribute to no less than three-quarters of sales growth over the last 15 years, making digital commerce a retail trend that SME’s dare not ignore. By following established brands’ success with digital channels small enterprises have the opportunity to adopt marketing strategies that have proven effective.

There’s more good news for small business owners: Integration of e-commerce into your marketing strategy does not require you to take out a second bond on your home. The availability of affordable digital marketing tools means that it’s not only the big brands that will win this Valentine’s Day, but those who market smartly. Here are some digital marketing ideas for small businesses to leverage the retail opportunities of the holiday season.


Get in-store shoppers to sign-up for a digital experience.

It could be as simple as inviting your customers to enter a web-based competition, or subscribe for a value-added service online. By implementing a digital subscription model, retailers can personalise their customer service while encouraging in-store consumers to continue their shopping experience online. The alcohol brand Savanna set-up an ingenious digital marketing campaign called   where users were asked to fill out a call to action (CTA) asking them to nominate a family member who could be serenaded by the Lemon team on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes being creative with email marketing by wishing your customers a lovely Valentine’s is simple, yet effective.


According to Forbes , millennials are likely to spend more than the older generation on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s because they have more to prove to their counterparts. This means that small businesses should send out their message campaigns through communications channels where millennials are active, in other words, social media.

Integrate in-store and digital to create a one-stop-shopping experience.

Ask your in-store customers to follow you on your Facebook page, website or twitter account. Modern consumers prefer omnichannel communication that allows them to save time on product research and to get the best bang for their buck. So, why limit the sales experience to the time spent within your shop’s walls? By providing easy access to online reviews, product pages, comparative pricing and social-media feeds your buyers are given the integrated and personal brand experience they long for. 



Invest in online tools.

Get your business a website and make sure your customers know about it. With the continual growth of the online component of retail sales, having a website has become non-negotiable. Fortunately, access to a website is no longer limited to those who can afford to hire a web designer or developer, as there is a range of DIY web design solutions available on the market. Other digital tools that are well worth the investment are mobile friendly e-shops, pay per click advertising, enhanced online content and Google’s My Business Service.


To read more about these and other marketing ideas for small business download our free guide, or register for a free 30-day website and e-store trial to experience what online tools can do for your marketing strategy this festive season.