Mobile website design: what’s with all the hype?

 2015-05-27 08:56 AM by
Mobile website design: what’s with all the hype?

Lately, the words ‘mobile website design’ and ‘responsive web design’ have been on everyone’s lips. You’re probably wondering what all the hype is about. As it turns out, there’s a very good reason why business owners who don’t have responsive websites should be worried. Here’s what you need to know:


Your website is the nucleus of your digital marketing strategy.


Last week, we wrote a blog called The power of eMarketing: why your business needs an online presence. In that blog, we explained how modern consumers conduct online research before making buying decisions. The endless supply of information available on the internet enables consumers to educate and inform themselves before deciding which restaurant to eat at, which washing machine to buy or which online backup service to use. This means that having a top quality, branded website and a strong online presence is absolutely vital for attracting new customers.


Consumers use their tablets, smartphones and mobile devices to research buying decisions.


These days, almost everyone has some kind of mobile device with internet access, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone. A huge amount of web browsing is done via these mobile devices. Even if we don’t like to admit it, it’s become second nature for most of us to check our emails, Twitter feeds and favourite new sites on our smartphones first thing in the morning.


We also use mobile devices to conduct a lot of online product research. This is most obvious when it comes to on-the-go buying decisions, like using our smartphones to decide which taxi service to use or where to have dinner. However, consumers use tablets and smartphones to research much bigger purchases too. For example, when you’re relaxing on the couch in the evening, it’s convenient to run a quick Google search on your iPad or Galaxy Tab about where to go for your next holiday abroad.


In order to capture new customers, your website needs to look great on a range of mobile devices.


Here’s where mobile website design and responsive web design come in. With so much product research being done on smartphones and tablets, it’s essential that your website displays properly and is easy to navigate on smaller screens. If your website is difficult to read on a smartphone screen, no one is going to hang around long enough to become a customer. What’s more, they’ll leave your site feeling frustrated and have a negative first impression of your brand.


Google awards higher rankings to websites with responsive web design.


Mobile website design is used to create websites specially designed for mobile devices. The problem with mobile website design is that mobile websites don’t display properly on desktop monitors or laptop screens. For this reason, some brands end up having two websites: a regular one and a mobile one. This is a mistake, however, as Google prefers businesses to have one responsive website – not two separate ones. Responsive web design creates websites that automatically adjust to fit the device being used. With responsive web design, you have just one website that looks great on all screen sizes and is easy to navigate across all devices.

Last month, Google announced the release of an update that counts mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This means that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google is now going to penalise you. The bottom line here is that in order to climb Google’s organic rankings, you need a website built with responsive web design.


Using easy ‘drag and drop’ site building software, Sage Online Tools enables you to build a top quality, professional website and e-store with the latest responsive web design technology. This ensures that your webpages will automatically resize to fit the screen of the device being used, resulting in a website that both your customers and Google will love.