Be where your customers are by investing in a proper online marketing strategy

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Be where your customers are by investing in a proper online marketing strategy


For a startup the initial workload is daunting, even for the best of us. It’s a small wonder most of us have little time to get our marketing strategy in order. Marketing is an important aspect of the business that is often overlooked or underutilised, however, in a world with an abundance of online marketing tools readily available for any business, you can no longer afford to ignore your online marketing strategy.


“Almost overnight, the internet’s gone from a technical wonder to a business must,” says businessman Bill Schrader. Meanwhile, Lewis Howes, a contributor at Entrepreneur, explains that attention is currency online, it can be hard to attract the right attention, but it is not impossible. Follow these tips to help improve your online marketing strategy.


Define your marketing objectives


You need to determine what you want to accomplish with your online marketing strategy, before you jump right into the heart of it all. Setting goals will ultimately determine the success of any online campaign and it will dictate what you will need to measure when the time comes to determine the outcomes of your marketing efforts. Your goals could include any number of the following, which will set the baseline for your online marketing strategy:


  • Do you want to increase your customer database?
  • Do you want to improve your online presence?
  • Do you want to increase your sales?
  • Do you want to improve customer engagement or loyalty?


Metrics to focus on


Keep a watchful eye on your website metrics. Try not to obsess over ever detail, as this is time wasting and an energy killer. But don’t be too lenient either. Take a look through this helpful Google analytics guide for beginners to help you get your head around the important statistics to monitor.


Don’t neglect your qualitative data


Qualitative research measures aspects of quality. When measuring the qualitative data of a business, customer perceptions are taken into account. This type of research is useful because businesses can gain an in-depth understanding of how your customers feel about your business.


You have access to this information in the most unlikely of places, on the comments section of your blog posts. The reviews and comments that customers give after a sales purchase let you know how they felt about the service received. It also gives you insight into the chatter going on about your business on social media, or you could take initiative and actively seek out qualitative information by conducting surveys or one-on-one interviews. Businesses can take this information going forward and reposition themselves in line with their customer’s expectations.


Consider your marketing options


Next, you need to consider which of the following affordable marketing ideas you will use to implement your campaign:


  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Web based contact (including both content and SEO)


If you are trying to grow your customer database then using social media as a marketing tool could be a valid option. Keep in mind that at Sage Online Tools, we make it easy for you, by conveniently having everything readily available in one place – your professional website.


How we can help your online marketing flourish


In a world where going door-to-door to sell your products is a thing of the past, your business needs to be readily available to meet customer expectations. Since everyone is online these days the first thing most people do before making a purchasing decision is to do some research on Google.


Everyone trusts Google, therefore your business needs to be on their good side. You do this by having a fully optimised and mobile-friendly website which will be there for customers. For more affordable marketing ideas, please download our SME marketing guide.