Why your online store should integrate with your accounting system

 2016-04-14 04:08 PM by
Why your online store should integrate with your accounting system

We all wish we had more time in the day, especially small business owners who never seem to have enough of it. As the Sicilian proverb goes, ''Time is precious."

Utilising an e-commerce store has many benefits. Your customers will appreciate the immediate service they receive and the time they save because they don’t have to wait in an endless queue. And another aspect that seems endless is the range of goods on offer. The internet doesn't need to store goods in a warehouse, there is plenty of space available.  And using the internet, your customers can always see what you have available, even if it's not currently in stock.


How does it work?


Syncing is a mere click away, it’s literally is that easy. There’s no over complicated process or unwanted red tape. Simply put, you don’t need to become a techno whiz overnight to implement the sync and better yet it’s completely free.


To save more time for yourself, integrate your online store with your accounting system


Every day will be different. This week you may have a lot of orders to get through, and the next week it could be a complete dead zone. Businesses will always have these up and down moments. What you need is someone, or something, to have your back when it seems like you're swimming in invoices. That something is Sage Pay which will integrate your online store with a reliable and trustworthy accounting software. As your sales increase in the foreseeable future it could become daunting to keep up with it all, in this case integration becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.


Lett's dig a little deeper shall we? 

As they say, you have to get things going in the business. You can't be waiting on funds to arrive only to realise no-one's actually requested them. Keep on top of things by putting your trust in accounting software that will ultimately improve your cash flow.


It helps that our accounting software was developed by market leaders, making integration seamless. You can sync your e-commerce store with accounting software, sparing you the pain of having to manually update your accounting books every time a sale goes through online. Sage Pastel will be linked to your inventory so you don’t have to manually update the pricelist on your website. No more petty excel spread sheets or the ever troublesome 'copy and paste'. Accounting software allows you to schedule invoices to send out automatically the second a request for purchase is made.


There are so many reasons for integrating your online store. If you haven’t joined the online store revolution today, then you are missing out to and giving your competitors the advantage. If you're still thinking about it try out our free website and e-store triall.