Online consumer trends that can influence your startup marketing

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Online consumer trends that can influence your startup marketing


A marketing plan is often a neglected area of  business for startups. Most people launching a new product or service are so focused on production and sales that they forget to take the time to map out a marketing plan to scale up their business from a fledgling  to a fully fledged status.

Online tech is a boon for startup marketing because it provides several new, easy-to-use platforms  to spread the message about their product or service to a wider audience than  before. But on the flipside,  consumers are becoming increasingly picky about how they want to receive information and more specifically, how they allow themselves to be marketed to.

Here are a few  trends influencing the startup marketing landscape that every business should consider when they establish a marketing strategy.

Make it about the person

Personalisation is a trend that directs relevant messages to the right people at the right time. It can take the form of promotions that are customised specifically to the searches someone has made before or perhaps, a special offer or free gift on their birthday. Personalisation can also be as simple as including a person’s name on any marketing material that goes out to them.

Put it on video

Video marketing has been around for a while now. But with improved Internet speeds and easier affordability in South Africa, the trend is taking off in the mobile space in a big way. When done properly and professionally, video is a quick, clean and effective way to get your brand messaging across and, according to this hubspot article 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers while 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide say video offers the best return on investment. Videos are an easy form of media to consume and for this reason, can have far more reach than a blog.

Live the experience

Think about how you consume marketing or advertising material. Most of us skim through our Internet feeds or articles because there’s simply not enough time to read everything and take it all in. According to an article in Forbes experience may be the only way to hold the modern consumer’s attention for longer than a few seconds. If people are given the opportunity to connect with a brand in a visceral or experiential manner, they will form a stronger relationship with it. It can be through an interactive game, an in-store activity or a themed event.

Engage with social media

Social media is a brilliant way to build brand loyalty if it is used correctly. It’s important not to bombard your customers with the hard-sell or blasts of information but to build a rapport with them. It’s important to really think about who’s your audience and what their specific needs are. Target your comments and questions with your audience in mind.

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