Product XML feeds
& Syndication

What are Product XML feeds/Syndication?

Product XML data feeds is a mechanism whereby you can export product information to a 3rd party platform for further product syndication or marketing purposes.

Example of Product XML data

Uses of Product XML data

Google Ads

When a customer searches in Google for a product and yours has a close enough match, the product image, link to website, price and short description are displayed. A graphic of this can be found in above example.

Facebook re-targeting

When a customer visits your site and does not purchase a product, you can re-engage them by showing them an advertorial of the exact product viewed on your website in their Facebook News Feed to re-engage them further.

Advantages of using Product XML data

Get a much higher click-though rate compared to normal Google Ads means your sales and “bang-for-buck” or ROI will be greatly improved.

Re-targeting customers via Facebook with the product ads means customers only see the products they’ve displayed interest in – this will help you recapture their attention and bring them back to your online shop to complete a purchase or enquiry.

A better ad position is due to advertisement including a picture, pricing and short description etc. translating in to less spend and more clicks.

What does this feature cost

Google Ad product XML feeds

R850 p/m ex VAT

Facebook re-marketing XML feeds

R850 p/m ex VAT

*These features should be used in conjuction with a Google Ad or Facebook marketing package