Quick cheats to creating a professional yet affordable website design

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Quick cheats to creating a professional yet affordable website design

As businesses become increasingly international it is imperative for companies to be able to communicate with clients after hours. But you and your staff aren’t robots and can’t be expected to be available beyond business hours. That’s where your company’s website comes in. A website offers information 24/7 and is always available to your customers. Customers can view your website at any time they please and receive information regarding your business as well as your products and services.


But simply having a website is not enough, it needs to look good, be user-friendly and rank well within search engines. Stick around to get the inside scoop on how to get your hands on an affordable website design


No need to hire a designer, with our training course you can build your website yourself!


With our step-by-step training guide you can become a web designer in a flash, equipping yourself with the skills you’ll need to build a professional and affordable website design. We offer a comprehensive online guide to help you through every step of the website building process. Here are a few things to keep in mind while designing your website.


Your website needs a little space


When building your website you need to be mindful of how you use the space on the page, try not to use too many images or too much text on one page. You may want to spoil your viewer for choice, but try not to overload them. Space is an important design tool because it dictates the readability of your website. It also helps create a focal point for your viewers, and helps direct their eyes where they need to go.


Make use of simple navigation


Navigation can be compared to someone who marks a path for you to follow when you decide to go hiking so you can easily follow the correct route. People who visit your website will want to know things quickly, such as where they are on the page, how to go back if need be, and a workflow that will take them where they need to go. 


Does this colour make my website look bad?


When choosing your website colour schemes keep in mind that the flow should be pleasant on the eye and compliment your company’s corporate colours.


Create a strong contrast between the background and web text, using a white background paired with black text is one desirable option, but you could choose other colour options as long as the text stands out from the background. 


Ensure that your website is fully optimised


Sage Online Tools already has this covered for you, so there’s no need to stress about it. Google likes fresh content. With our professional and affordable website design you can create beautiful blog posts time and again. Try to write consistently, the more you write, the better your chances of your blog post appearing in a Google search and the better your chances of your ideal customer coming right to your doorstep.


Our website’s are fully responsive to whichever device your viewers are using to access your website and since people now use their desktop, mobile or tablet interchangeably, your website needs to be able to meet their needs consistently.


With us on your side you can set up your e-store


Your affordable website design just got a little fancier. You can integrate your custom designed website with Sage Page, it incurs an additional hosting fee, but it is well worth it. With it you can secure your payments and improve your business workflow, leaving you with extra time to focus on other critical business tasks.


Register for a free 30-day-trial to navigate through our website building software and determine if all the components available are what your business requires. If there is anything more you would like to know about our website building software then read on for more information.