Sage integrated ecommerce

Start selling online today

Add e-commerce capability to any website and integrate with Sage Pastel Accounting. Mobile shopping now also possible.

Sage Pastel Integration

Orders generated in your accounting

No cross-data entries

Price and stock levels in sync with your accounting

Product data syncs through

Mobile-friendly stores

Works on any mobile device

Touch-screen friendly navigation

Content resizes to screen size

Secured Payments

EFT payment methods

Sage Pay secured credit card payments

Sage Pay secure direct EFT payments

Business 2 Business

Multiple price-lists for customers

Customer details remembered in cart

Orders reflect against customer in accounting

One-off eCommerce setup cost


Number of products One-off setup cost ex VAT
0 - 20 R2 500
21 - 50 R3 200
51 - 100 R4 500
101 - 200 R5 500
201 - 350 R7 500
Over 351 R10 500

Monthly eCommerce hosting


Number of products Monthly hosting ex VAT
0 - 10 Free with Sage annual licence
0 - 100 R129 p/m
101 - 500 R415 p/m
501 - 1 000 R539 p/m
1001 - 5 000 R1 035 p/m
5001 - 10 000 R1 886 p/m
10 001 - 15 000 R2 695 p/m

When purchasing an eCommerce setup package only (no website design package), it's recommended to purchase a couple design hours to ensure the store looks consistent with your existing website. Please contact us to get a quote based on your required designs.


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