How search engine optimization and paid search improve your Google rankings

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How search engine optimization and paid search improve your Google rankings


Creating a high quality, branded website is the first step towards building a powerful online presence for your business. It goes without saying, however, that if no one ever sees your website, it’s going to be useless. Ensuring that potential customers are able to find your website quickly and easily is fundamental to implementing a successful eMarketing strategy.

If you want potential customers to find your website, you need to rank well on Google.


The most effective way to attract potential customers to your website is to make sure that you rank highly on Google’s search results pages for searches relating to your brand, products and services. Ideally, you want your website to appear on the first page of Google’s results, as most users don’t even bother looking at the second page. Of course, it’s even better to rank within the top three results, but this can be exceptionally difficult to achieve.


Earning a top spot in Google’s organic – that is, unpaid – listings is no easy task.


These days, almost every business has a website. This means that competitors selling the same products and services as you are guaranteed to be vying for the same keywords and key phrases that you hope to rank for. Competition can be incredibly fierce. What’s more, even if you do manage to climb Google’s organic rankings, maintaining pole position requires constant work and attention.


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Search engine optimisation SEO


Search engine optimisation is the practice of making your website Google-friendly in order to improve your organic rankings.


In order to get your website to rank highly in Google's organic results, you need to implement a search engine optimisation strategy. Search engine optimization tactics aim to indicate which keywords and key phrases each webpage should rank for on Google’s results pages. While the principle behind search engine optimisation may seem simple enough, implementing it properly requires some technical know-how. To successfully pull off search engine optimisation by yourself, you’d need to understand not just keyword strategy, but also things like title tags, page titles, image Alt text, geo-location and more. Yikes.


It’s much simpler to make use of a platform with built-in SEO tools that allow you to optimize your website for search easily, quickly and affordably, such as Sage Online Tools. When you create a professional website with Sage Online Tools, our user-friendly ‘drag and drop’ software allows you to implement an effective search engine optimisation strategy without having to fork out extra for the services of a web developer.

What’s more, our easy-to-use platform allows Sage Pastel customers the option of linking your website with your accounting package. This means that in just a few easy clicks, you can set up a fully integrated eCommerce store, giving your products a much-needed online presence.


Regularly publishing strategic, high quality content will boost your rankings.


Using an integrated platform like Sage Online Tools arms you with another powerful tool for improving your organic search rankings: an easy-to-use blogging platform. Regularly updating your website’s blog with high quality content will give your rankings a huge boost. To do this, make sure that every blog post is strategically written around a particular keyword or key phrase. Note that this doesn’t mean simply stuffing the keyword into the copy as many times as possible. Google’s highly sophisticated algorithms – like Hummingbird, for example – penalise websites for ‘black hat’ search engine optimisation tactics like keyword stuffing. Google awards higher rankings to websites that consistently publish original, helpful, top quality content, so putting effort and time into writing really brilliant blogs will do wonders for your organic search rankings.


It’s a good idea to supplement your search engine optimisation strategy with paid search ads.


While you can’t buy organic rankings, you can buy paid search ads. These appear on the same page as Google’s organic rankings, but sport a yellow label indicating that they’re ads. Paid search ads are set up via Google AdWords and advertisers are required to ‘bid’ on keywords. This bidding system works on the same principle as an auction – you’re essentially bidding against your competitors for the most sought-after keywords. These keywords will form the building blocks of your search ad and will display in Google’s search results for related searches. In addition, Google AdWords allows you to target your paid search ads by location, device and language to enhance your chance of capturing your ideal customers.


By using a platform like Sage Online Tools to implement search engine optimisation, as well as running paid search ads, you’ll ensure that your future customers are able to find your website quickly and easily.