Looking for affordable website hosting? Consider our site builder!

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Looking for affordable website hosting? Consider our site builder!

You’ve put together a business plan and a streamlined marketing strategy, you have also designed a beautiful ecommerce website, all that’s left to kick start your new business venture is to choose a reliable web hosting service.


Web hosting is a service that allows you to store website files; (documents, images, videos) on a server. It’s a product which is offered by a number of service providers who offer the capabilities that make it possible to post content on the internet. When someone searches for your company website, their computer will connect to that server and send back the requested page


A domain name is the address or URL people use to gain access to your website. For instance, Firewood’s domain name is firewood.co.za. When picking your domain name it will probably consist of your company name, but if you can, pick a short domain name. This will enable your clientele to remember your domain name and thus be able to easily search for it online.


How to navigate through the cluster of unreliable site builder platforms?


Choosing a professional and hassle-free website platform may seem like an easy task, considering there are hundreds to choose from. Some of them are even free, but you’ll need to watch out for hidden agendas. They may offer limited features that can only be extended once you’re already a client with them. Others might have an unreliable support structure, leaving you guessing about how to contact them with a troubleshooting question. As a business owner, you have more important things to do with your time then struggle with a complicated interface.


Using a generic service puts you at risk of obtaining a website that is not professionally designed. Your users will be able to pick up on that and assume the website was quickly put together, lacks depth and creativity. You need a website hosting service provider that can be tailored to your unique business.



How can you choose the right site builder for your business?


There’re a dime-a-dozen companies on the internet that can sell you a domain name. Firstly, what you need is a trustworthy site builder that will offer you vigorous training and support throughout the website building process. You also need a team that will keep in contact when you need further assistance. Secondly, find a reliable company that offers excellent service and industry-specific knowledge and expertise. Newcomers to the site builder industry lack experience and are more at risk to cyber-attacks and more prone to making human errors. Play it safe, go with a provider that has a proven track record. 


Why do you need to pay a monthly website hosting fee?


Our clients pay a monthly website hosting fee of R125, which pays for the infrastructural upkeep of your website. You are essentially paying for space on our server and the services that come along with it. A host company obtains a unique internet connection that allows them to upload large amounts of data at any given time.


Why you should choose us to help you make a great website


At Sage Online Tools, we believe in transparency and offer a great service at honest prices. There are no hidden costs with us. The prices you see on our website, are the prices you’ll pay. If you choose to optimise your site more at a later stage, we can accommodate you. We offer additional services such as adding ecommerce capabilities to your website,  online marketing features such as Google Adwords and Facebook Adword marketing, SEO and a monthly retainer. We won’t force you into anything - the website building software you want featured on your website, will be what you’re comfortable with.


All websites created using Sage Online Tools, will be hosted on our server unless by prior agreement. We don’t cater for domain hosting, you need to have already purchased a name, we recommend using Afrihost. For more information, please visit our website and e-store need-to-know’s page. With us, you’ll have access to an affordable website building software with none of the hassle associated with other providers. Try our 30-day-trial out for yourself to get acquainted with the features we have on offer.