How to use Google Adwords and Facebook successfully for your small business marketing

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How to use Google Adwords and Facebook successfully for your small business marketing


A small business marketing manager knows all too well that you need to employ the best tactics to drive customers to your website and to drive sales. There’re a lot of free online small business marketing  tools at your disposal: basic blogging and social posting, for example, are standard tactics to establish an online presence. However, paid advertising can give you that boost to help your business reach new potential customers.


Analyse what you want to accomplish


Today the modern business owner has a variety of online paid marketing options. The most popular online advertising platforms are Google Adwords and Display, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. In this blog we’ll focus on Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.


One of the greatest benefits of online paid advertising is that you can target granularly by location, time of day, language, device and audience type. A word of caution: avoid diving straight into a campaign without considering what you want to accomplish. Paid advertising gets expensive quickly, especially if you don’t have defined goals and a clear target audience. For example, do you want brand awareness for a new product? Or would you like to drive traffic to your website or drive sales from your online store? Are you targeting teenagers or businesses? Specific goals will help you identify the best online platforms to use.


Using Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising


Google Adwords allows you to advertise in Google search results, on websites in the Google Display Network, within apps in the Google Play Store and within Gmail accounts. Pay per click advertising means that you only pay for clicks on your adverts. In other words, you don’t have to pay for the advert appearing. Adwords is a popular option because you can bid on keywords people use to search for products or services that you offer and appear on relevant websites or in search results matching their searches. You can also target audiences similar to your customers online and remarket to former visitors to your website.


Measuring your performance


When measuring the performance of your Google Adwords campaigns, use these indicators as a guide:


  • Click-through rate: This depicts the amount of people that saw and clicked on your advert. This will help you determine how well your keywords are performing.
  • Conversion rate: Tells you how many of the clicks went on to complete a desired action, such as submitting a contact us form or making a purchase from your online store. You define your conversions and measure the rate by dividing total conversions by total clicks.
  • Total revenue generated: Always outweigh the cost and profit to accurately analyse your return on investment.


How to get started with Facebook marketing


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms of all time. There are approximately 12-million Facebook users in South Africa that check their profiles daily; a great window of opportunity for small business marketing. What makes Facebook advertising so powerful is its targeting capabilities: you can target your audience in immense detail based on pages they like, what they publish and topics or products they interact with on Facebook.


The first step is to create a branded Facebook page for your business with a clear call to action< link to CTA blog> such as Call Us or Book Now. From here you can easily boost your page to create brand awareness and likes. Page likes are important as everyone who likes your page will see your updates in their newsfeed without you having to pay to reach them. You can also create ads to drive traffic back to your website, to advertise products or an offer to claim at your online store or promote events.


Why Facebook is great for consumer marketing


Marketing consumer products on Facebook is great because of their variety of ad platforms. Just recently Facebook launched Canvas ads: these are highly creative, interactive, full screen ads targeting mobile users. Coca-Cola recently used Canvas ads to launch their limited edition aluminum series coke bottles. They reached 16 million people and their ad had an average view time of 18 seconds. View their campaign here


Let Sage Online Tools help you with your online marketing strategy


If this all seems a tad daunting, don’t hesitate to contact us. Sage Online Tools will help you plan your online marketing strategy and execute a proper Facebook or Adwords small business marketingcampaign with performance measurements. View our Facebook marketing packages and Adwords packages for more information.