How SMS marketing can improve your business' customer service

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How SMS marketing can improve your business' customer service

As a small business owner you should never feel intimidated by larger corporations and their big budgets. They may be able to pull off high-spend marketing initiatives, but their enormous client bases mean they can’t offer the personalised service a small business can. Many people prefer dealing with small business because of the personal attention they receive, so use it to your advantage one way is by using SMS marketing  to improve your customer service.

To maximise your SMS potential, you need to find out who your ideal customer is and provide them with a range of valuable SMS messages that are particularly targeted at them. You can accomplish this by gaining your client’s personal information through their consent. To get your customers to give up this information, let them know they will receive something valuable in return, such as when the next big promotion is on. Once you have customer information, make sure you comply with the Consumer Protection Act CPA, read our blog explaining everything you need to know about this. 


Why you should capitalise on SMS marketing to improve customer service


Using SMS as a marketing tactic will benefit your business because it’s lightning fast, doesn’t have to compete with the spam found in email marketing and it’s more likely that your customers will read your message immediately. A study done by Mobile Squared shows that 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes. This improves your chances of engaging with them and getting people to take a specific action.


Give your customers an easier way of communicating with your business


With so many people in the world that own a smartphone, you could have access to a vast market. Text messaging is a go-to form of communication in this digital age and since we tend to keep our phones in close proximity, the minute we hear it chime or feel it buzz, we’re likely to check it. Due to the convenience of SMS messages and their less intrusive nature, customers often prefer to communicate with businesses via text. Not only that, customers want to cut out red tape associated with unresponsive email requests or unhelpful phone calls.


Text messages are sent from person to person, but some companies use an automated and impersonal SMS service. As a small business owner, you can leverage SMS marketing by using real-time, two-way communication messages that connect with customers on a deeper level. Customers want a relationship with a representative of the business, and want to be contacted instead of always having to initiate contact themselves.


Conduct customer research using SMS messages


One of the worst scenarios for a business owner, is seeing a customer leave unhappy with no idea why. Learning more about what made your customer disgruntled is valuable at the time that the bad customer experience has taken place. To get this information, businesses use SMS messages to ask customers to rate their service, consultant or product purchased. If it’s below the mark, you should phone customers and ask for more information regarding their bad experience. The concept of an SMS poll is a non-confrontational way for customers to voice their concerns.


Other ways of using SMS marketing to your advantage


If your business provides a service, such as a beauty salon, then consider using SMS messages to notify clients of a scheduled appointment. Given today’s busy lifestyle, they will appreciate the reminder. Also try to send out tips for targeted clientele. For instance, as a hair-care consultant you would send a woman with thick, curly hair different tips than to those you would send to a woman with straight hair. An SMS service easily integrates with other online marketing strategies, therefore you can send out messages that land on parts of your website like a blog, or your Facebook page.


Sending out regular SMS messages builds brand loyalty and helps your business go way beyond a traditional commercial exchange. At Sage Online Tools we can help you improve your online marketing strategy, by giving you access to a professionally designed website with added features including SMS and email marketing software. All while providing you with on-going customer support and access to online tutorials so you can perform tasks on our interface yourself. For more insightful information regarding your , download our guide.