Secure your website with a
https://SSL Certificate

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on your website provides for a secure connection between a website visitor and your website.

Since October 2017, most popular website browsers (think Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer) started displaying a notification next to your domain name as “Not secure”, it’s become imperative that all websites have an SSL certificate installed to avoid a website visitor from mistrusting your site.

Benefits of having an SSL


Customers feel safe shopping
on or browsing your website

Websites load faster, giving users
a better browsing experience


Improve Google ranking (SEO)

All major websites have SSL
installed - banks, fintech, Google etc.


Cost of installing an SSL

Installing an SSL is approx a 2-hour procedure that involves generating a CSR, using it to purchase the SSL certificate, installing it on the Sage Online Tools server, configuring the server to redirect insecure requests to the new secure site, and finally testing the new setup.


Inlcudes purchase valid for 1 year, installation and
testing. For if you don’t want to be involved.

COST: R1800 ex VAT

SSL Transfer

Customers who are moving sites to Sage Online Tools that already have SSL certificates on their previous hosting platform can request the hosting admin to “export” the certificate so that it can be reinstalled on Sage Online Tools.

COST: R1500 ex VAT

SSL Self purchase

Customers who wish to can purchase their own SSL certificate. Sage Online Tools still need to generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) that will be used to purchase the certificate.

SSL certificates are generally available from R700 to R3000 (usually valid for 1 year). You only need to buy the entry level certificate that offers Domain Validation.

COST: R1100 ex VAT


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