Start-up marketing tips to help your business soar

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Start-up marketing tips to help your business soar

Marketing is all about understanding what your consumers want and then figuring out the best way to get it to them. While there’s no set formula for successfully marketing a start-up, there are basic business marketing ‘rules’, or principles, that you can follow to make your business promotion activities a success.


Straight off the bat, you’ll want a product or service that truly resonates with your customer base. Next, you’ll need to have a start-up marketing strategy in place that helps target the right customers, with the right offerings, on the right channels. Lastly, you’ll want to increase conversion rates by having a good understanding of any objections that your customers may have to your offerings, so you can tweak and improve your products and services on the go.

It’s important to build a product worth endorsing – and to make sure that recommending it to others is easy.

Start-ups should exploit a profitable need in their respective markets. This means that, long before you take your product or service to market, you’ll need to make sure that it’s relevant, needed, memorable, and uniquely positioned.

If something is great, whether it be a new experience, venue or product, people will talk about it. ‘So-and-so’ will tell all their friends, who in turn will tell all their friends; word will get out about your offerings and this will then (hopefully) go ‘viral’. Which is why it’s so important to build a service or product that people actually enjoy and want to tell others about.

You also need to make it ridiculously easy for customers to create a buzz around your offerings. There’s nothing worse than trying out something new, wanting to tell others about it and then being unable to find anything about the business online. No Facebook Page, no Instagram account, not much of a website. Nothing. How can you follow the business, let your friends know about it or keep up to date with its offerings?

In short, don’t neglect building multiple touch points into your website and social sharing platforms that’ll help your customers easily spread the word about you.

Your marketing strategy needs to align with your key clients’ information-gathering and buying behaviour.

Every start-up needs to have a good strategy in place to achieve their marketing goals. This strategy takes into account who your ideal target market is, how they find out about new products and services and where they shop for the things they want.

According to a Digital Tonto blog, “when you can’t reach everyone, reaching the right person in the right way becomes of paramount importance”. Your start-up marketing strategy needs to define the right marketing channels for reaching your ideal target market. This could be a print magazine that is popular among your customers, or a radio station that they like to tune into. The digital space is also an ideal one for targeting customers. Make sure that your website is professional, easy to navigate, and creates value to those who visit it through the brilliant and unique content and insights that you offer.

The key is to use these channels to engage visitors and keep them coming back for more until they become loyal customers.

Increase conversion rates by understanding your visitors and any objections they may have about your product or brand.

Once your product is out there, your work is far from done. Startup marketing involves keeping in touch with consumer trends and changes in preferences so that you can adjust your offerings accordingly.

This is where customer feedback comes into play. Don’t be scared of being told what needs improving in your offerings. Customers are just telling you how to make your services and products truly great. Make sure that your target audience has a platform they can use to tell you what they like about your product, as well as what needs improving. You can get this information through a quick online survey, or by getting in touch with your most loyal followers directly to ask for their help in improving your brand. 

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