Starting a website doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg

 2016-06-15 10:17 AM by
Starting a website doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg


In a world where sell-sell-sell is the only thing on web hosters minds, you can’t allow yourself to be backed  into a corner with the promise of fancy resources that at the end of the day never materialise and going for the cheapest one isn’t the best option either. Here we give you important considerations to keep in mind when starting a website so that you are able to make a more informed decision


Image is everything!


We may have five senses, but your vision is the dominant one. According to Buffer, our brain sees words as tiny pictures, therefore your customers are technically straining their eyes more in order to read any text you are trying to send to them.


This explains why it’s advisable when starting a website to put more visually stimulating aids and less text. In fact, millennials have grown up with images and struggle to cope with other forms of communication. Given that this generation forms (or will soon enough form) the bulk of your clientele you need to start to speak using images – and fast!


According to Ernesto Olivares a visual information company, 90% of information retained from a given message comes from seeing images and the remaining 10% from our other senses and we process the information from images 60 000 times faster.


Make sure your website is easy to navigate.


In the online world, your potential audience have short attention spans meaning, they crave information, but they want it fast and if they don’t get it, they will move on without a second thought. According to Search Engine Land, “Navigation can make or break your website’s overall performance when it comes to retaining visitors, keeping them engaged and driving them through the conversion funnel.”


Keep your website consistent and avoid allowing your website visitors to lose their bearings upon going to another page that looks nothing like the one before it. Keep the style and tone the same on each page, when putting it into perspective avoid putting a bright pink banner on your “about” page and then a yellow banner on your blog page.


The easiest way to check, if you are uncertain about what works and what doesn’t, is to analyse what your competitors websites look like or examples of great websites. Alternatively, have a look at what our clients have done when they planned on starting a website.  


Integrate your website to other applications.


E-Commerce is crucial for a business to draw sales online. This aspect needs to be optimised well in order for not only search engines, but your customers to feel assured you are a credible business source. This is important because your customers need to easily get an overview of your product range, not knowing what you have to offer online is like asking customers to walk about the store flat out in search for one item. If they can’t find it then they will leave the store frustrated and go to a competitor. This scenario is no different online. 


Sage Online Tools makes all of this easier for you, so don’t sweat it. To help you further, Sage is giving you the option of integrating your website with Sage Pay to make your website setup even more convenient for you.


Don’t forget about integrating your social media platforms onto your website. Social media is great way to connect with your customers on an intimate level, share relevant industry news and blogs you may write further down the line. Search engines see websites with social media integrated as user friendly and rewards your website – who doesn’t like to be rewarded?


How Sage Online tools can help build your dream website.


Our website builder has all the right features to ensure you run a tight ship online. We will always be around to guide you, but if you prefer to design your own website you can do that too. Just remember you won’t be left in the dark, we are on call to answer any questions that come to mind. Otherwise, try our free 30-day trial to get a clear picture of what our website builder is all about.