Why a surefire internet security plan is vital when starting an online store

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Why a surefire internet security plan is vital when starting an online store

Starting an online store is an exciting endeavour, no doubt about it, but there are some people out there that will love to steal your thunder. The internet is littered with hackers and scammers, eagerly waiting to corrupt your online store. Here is why you should ensure that you have a secure site before starting an online store


People are wary about giving you credit card details online


It is for this very reason that people are reluctant to give their precious credit card details online – out of a fear that one click could mean they lose everything. The risk of losing a lot of money is definitely not worth buying your product. Give your online customers the peace of mind they deserve by ensuring you are protected with a vigorous antivirus or internet security plan.


Having an antivirus system isn't enough, make sure it's trustworthy


At times you may console an angel only to later realise that you sought the help from the devil. Some antivirus software does the opposite of its intended use. For instance, the software could insert spammy links into a blog, hack the blogs admin and log straight in. Do your research before purchasing any software, ask others about its qualities. You may find that your friend tried an antivirus software that turned out to be unhelpful and, knowing this, you can avoid such a situation altogether.


Great tips to ensure you’re secured when starting an online store


Change your password often and use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, be sure to add numbers and special characters into the mix. If you can't remember such an elaborate password avoid saving it on your computer under a conveniently labelled ''password” file so that hackers can easily find it. Rather use apps to help you remember them all.

Also don't use the same password for everything. A hacker might employ the brute force approach to hacking you, by trying to guess the combination of your password and if you've used the same one across the board, you've basically handed them the keys to your door. Lastly, get into the habit of checking your site for links that are going to strange places, chances are a hacker is trying to direct your traffic to their site.


Only browse trusted sites when you’re on a network that’s not your own. To be sure you’re on a secure site, look at the link in the search tab, the HTTPS in the beginning should be displayed in green, letting you know you’re safe. A website like this encrypts all sensitive data that passes from your site onto the internet server.


In 2014, eBay suffered the years biggest hack, as hackers managed to steal the passwords of 233 million users. eBay immediately advised their users to change their passwords. Luckily no financial information was stolen as the data was encrypted. But just imagine the damage that could have been done if eBay didn’t have that sensitive information protected?


Never assume 'it will never happen to me'


Hackers have been known to have gotten through the armoured gates of Microsoft, Apple and even the CIA, so what chance do you have? A sneaky thing hackers do to mess with you further is to hack your site, obtain the domain rights to it and then try to sell it back to you at an exorbitant price. 


Hackers could be messing with your site for a number of reasons, it could be to link their sites to yours, steal valuable information, or there could be those that simply hack for fun, but this is not fun and games, this is your livelihood. Ask an experienced provider to help you with your site when starting an online store like Sage Online Tools; our templates and systems help facilitate safe payments for your online customers.


Another way to keep the hackers at bay is to use a secure e-commerce store and not rely on cheap alternatives that may not have security in place to protect you from a hack. Next time you're thinking of starting an online store  and need it to be integrated with a reliable e-commerce store , we hope you put your trust in us. Why not try our free website trial for yourself?