Learn what’s trending in ecommerce at the 2016 eCommerce Africa Confex

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Learn what’s trending in ecommerce at the 2016 eCommerce Africa Confex

As we’ve emphasised in countless blogs, not having an eCommerce store in the 21st century is like not having a stall at the market back in the Medieval times — without one, customers won’t know about your brand or your products. Unfortunately for those of the modern era, setting up an online store isn’t as simple as organising a table and strategically placing it in the market square. Getting online trade right and keeping on top of emerging eCommerce trends is a challenge. That’s why events like eCommerce Africa Confex exist. All the latest developments in eCommerce, all the people who know most about it — in one place. Read on to find out more about it, and why your business can’t afford for you not to be there.



Marketplaces have evolved somewhat since the days of the village market square


Back in the days of yore, the main way to buy things was at markets. You had to take vendors on their word that their products were what they said they were, and were of the quality you expected them to be. Today it’s a little different. The vast majority of consumers, if not doing all their shopping through an eCommerce store, are at least spending some time online conducting research before making those important purchasing decisions. By now you probably know how essential starting an online store is to your marketing strategy. The thing is, eCommerce evolves at a rate of knots. Just when you think that you’ve got the online store thing sussed, consumer behaviour changes in such a way that you’ve got to tweak your eCommerce offerings. This is why events like the eCommerce Africa Confex are such a godsend.


Mother City vs the screen of your laptop — it’s a foregone conclusion


“If I want to stay on top of eCommerce trends why don’t I just peruse the world wide web”, you might ask. True, the internet is as close to omniscience we’re likely get (probably for a good few centuries), but it’s a schlep to find and read the myriad of resources on eCommerce trends while fitting it around that laundry list of other jobs you have to get done. At the eCommerce Africa Confex, you’ll have tangible access to the latest trends in one space. What’s more, you’ll be able to talk to people — as opposed to faceless entities on online chat — and get a real sense of the online retail zeitgeist. A conference is also the perfect excuse to leave your laptop at home for a few days and visit the beautiful Mother City.


The chance to meet the gurus of eCommerce


Ok, so you get the gist of why you need to be there. Now onto the details and practicalities. What exactly is happening at the eCommerce Africa Confex and when is it? The conference is taking place at Cape Town’s CTICC on 17th and 18th of February 2016. It’s ideal for anyone working in the online retail space, those with an existing online store, as well as anyone considering making that essential leap into the world of eCommerce. With the program tailored and honed by industry experts, the two days will be a blend of seminar sessions and showcases from the industry’s leading experts and suppliers. You’ll get a chance to see demonstrations from the suppliers, ask them questions and network with others involved in eCommerce. Did we mention there are also going to be cocktails?


Sage Online Tools will be there — will you?


We’re going to be at the eCommerce Africa Confex, with Sage Online Tool’s product manager Sebastian and Sage Pay’s channel manager Donovan will be leading a product demonstration at 10am on the second day. Register for tickets via this link The price of the ticket includes entrance for both days, access to three seminar sessions, breakfast, lunch and snacks and access to all exhibitions, showcases and discussion groups.


If you can’t wait until February to get to know us, click here for your one month free website and e-store trial.