Starting an online store is easy with Sage Online Tools

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Starting an online store is easy with Sage Online Tools


For traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses the prospect of starting an online store and joining the brave new world of e-commerce can seem enormously daunting. There’s the website that needs to be built, designed and branded, the images and videos that need to be uploaded, the years of contacts and data that need to be transferred, not to mention having to learn how to use and manage the whole back-end system.

It’s enough to make anyone balk at the anticipated workload, but if you don’t get your business online, it’s a given that you’re going to fall far behind your competitors.


Why your business can’t afford not to be online.


These days most consumers are bargain and quality savvy and will spend time researching products and services online before making a purchase, so starting an online store  is an effective way to capture and sell to an audience that is already interested in specific products. You have to look no further than local e-commerce success stories, such as Superbalist, Take a Lot or Yuppie Chef, to see how effectively ecommerce business can capture and sell to a large audience without the need (and cost) for physical shopfronts.


Here’s why starting an online store is a cinch with Sage Online Tools.


Sage Online Tools is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create a high-end branded website with e-commerce capabilities. With Sage Online Tools ‘drag and drop’ site building technology, a good looking website needn’t involve pricey consultation with a designer. But if setting up an online store is still a terrifying prospect our experts can do it for you at an affordable price.

Other advantages include:

  • If you’re already a Sage Pastel customer, it’s easy to integrate your accounting software with your online store by importing products directly from your accounting package before adding dimensions, specifying categories, and adding images and delivery information. Simply follow the steps on this tutorial. Any orders that are taken via the website immediately reflect in your accounting software.
  • Sage Online Tools offers a website that is optimised across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms, ensuring that no matter what device your potential customers are using they will be able to surf your site seamlessly.
  • By opting to include social sharing on your site, Sage Online Tools can help you to drive your marketing campaign by making sure your posts are delivered regularly and customers are able to ‘share’ items across social media.
  • The online store software also allows you to embed YouTube videos and send emails as well as manage your email campaign.
  • Integrate technical search engine optimisation into your website automatically with Sage Online Tools.


Sage Online Tools is constantly evolving.


Our software is constantly being developed, upgraded and expanded to make sure that we grow along with your website and online store by meeting the needs of the changing business environment.


But don’t just take our word for it, click here to register for a free 30 day trial and find out for yourself.