Starting your own business: how to find a treasure chest of images for your website

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Starting your own business: how to find a treasure chest of images for your website

Important tips when starting your own business website will center on the effort to not appear clumsy or amateurish. The online world asks of businesses to constantly keep their websites in tip-top shape to meet the demands of today’s audience and to stay within the top ranks of a Google search. Your website images say everything about your business, which is why you need to invest in quality images.

What is the first thing that you do when you hear that someone is coming over? You clean up, of course. Because in the back of your mind you know your visitor will judge you on the way your place looks. Your website is no different, bringing it back to the house analogy, the images on your website are equivalent to your decor and what makes your house a home.


Images add to that extra look and feel of your professional website design 

and is an important consideration often overlooked or brushed aside because one simply didn’t know where to find quality images; lucky for you, we’ve gone on the hunt for you.


At the top of our list when starting your own business website with great images are:


Before you dive deep into your selection, keep in mind that you need to test what images work for you and fit in line with your brand. Knowing what to look out for before you start your research will make the process go much faster and help ensure you pick the best images out there to fit within your business culture and attract the right people.


And why not hit two birds with one stone? While acquiring images for your website, be on the lookout for images you can use on for your social media accounts simultaneously.


Free images to match your industry.


StockMedia has a limited selection of photos to choose from, but they have quality images that could work well for a business within the energy, finance, computing, health and framing industries. If you are looking for a bit more variety, then try Pexels, which offers a large directory of quality sourced images.


For large sized images use Unsplash. What’s also great about them is that they upload new photos every 10 days so their stock never wears thin. Gratisography offers completely royalty-free images that are perfect for your blogs and social media posts.


Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with free images, however there is also nothing wrong with registering with a quality image company like Shutterstock, that will leave little doubt as to the quality of images you’ll be receiving. If you’re tight for money, why not mix it up between free images and paid for ones and be sure to keep the best for important places on your website like the “home” or “contact us” pages. What’s great about Shutterstock is that they have a feature called weekly free images, so you can keep your eyes out for free images that may fit in what you’re looking for.


Starting your own business website with your new images.


Keep the tone of your images consistent and try not to fit too many photos on one page. This is all to ensure your visitors aren’t overwhelmed and then put off your website. If we bring back the house analogy, you wouldn’t over decorate your coffee table in the living room, because your visitors will be distracted by it.


All of these image resources are as a last resolution because all of our packages come with quality images for great value for money, we recommend using Dollar Photo Club to keep the images in line with the package you choose.


For more information on how to take your business to the next level, keep your eye peeled for our starting your own business blog posts and if you want to take a look at our professional website design