How your business can benefit from Sage Online Tools’ startup marketing packages

 2016-04-29 09:23 AM by
How your business can benefit from Sage Online Tools’ startup marketing packages

Online marketing is one of the biggest trends of the 21st century. A recent study conducted by market research company Ipsos revealed that 61% of global internet users research products online and 44% of shoppers start with an online search. That’s why businesses today must  embrace online marketing.


The challenge is that every business out there is fighting for attention in the cluttered realm of the internet. To ensure your business towers above them all you need to produce helpful content, establish an engaging website, be active on social media, and implement a consistent startup marketing strategy. 


Rand Fishin, a well-known blogger who dabbles in startup techniques, emphasises that getting clients to notice your online presence is hard, "those first few links and first few rankings are incredibly hard to earn." He suggests investing in small business marketing  channels especially in the inbound marketing world, "Those investments will pay off massively over time and enable you to build a business without the need for huge marketing or sales budgets."


Why should I partner with Sage Online Tools?


Investing in a proper startup marketing package early on could be the factor  deciding whether your startup business survives its first year or not. You may have a great website, but how will potential customers find you if you don’t show up in their searches? This is where Sage Online Tools can be of service to you. Our startup marketing packages are designed to ensure that your potential customers online will find you.


Sage Online Tools offers three small business marketing packages:  basic, professional and enterprise. These packages include strategic tools to create awareness around your products and services online and will enable you to turn unknown, casual visitors into customers.To help improve your social media presence all packages offered have social media graphics and implementation in place.You can link all of your social media platforms to your site for ease of access. Sage Online Tools also offer bulk email marketing and blogging capabilities.Our startup marketing packages are suitable for any type of business, whether you are a restaurant owner, in corporate business or in the creativity industry.


So what sets our small business marketing packages apart?


Our small business marketing packages focus on all the key elements to help your business stand out online. We assess whether your website is ranking for the correct keywords that potential customers will use to find you. We also help you create relevant landing pages and call to actions to encourage visitors to take action on your website. In addition to this we have in-house Adwords gurus who can help you advertise your products and services on page one of Google search results.


If your business has products to sell directly online, allow us to set up your online store for a fraction of the cost. We have partnered with Sage Pay and Sage Pastel Accounting, which means your ecommerce store orders are pulled straight into your accounting system with no need to cross-enter data. If you're already a Sage Pastel customer, then all you need is your online store and you are ready to rumble.


What if I don’t have a proper website?

Sage Online Tools have different website builder packages to help you build the website of your dreams at a fraction of the cost that a web developer would ask. Our websites are all mobile-friendly, which means that Google will reward you with higher rankings for relevant searches. Our packages help you close the loop, from setting up a quality website, to marketing it successfully and selling products online. Feel free to sign up for a 30-day free website and e-store trial for an in-depth view of what we offer.