Affordable startup marketing ideas for small business inspired by beards

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Affordable startup marketing ideas for small business inspired by beards

What do beards have to do with startup marketing ideas for small business, you might be thinking. If you’re reading this you either have a beard or know someone with a beard — they’re all the rage at the moment, whether you like them or not. What hasn’t been so common are decent facial hair grooming products to keep said beards and moustaches looking glossy and attractive. That’s until a female entrepreneur from Jo’burg started a small business to cater for this market. We’re going to take a look at her startup marketing ideas for small business, as well as some other affordable ideas that you can use to get your business revving.


Your website is your business card, communication link and ad campaign all in one


Small business marketing today takes place predominantly online — your website (or Facebook page, if you’ve just got started) is your business calling card and a way for customers to discover you. Last time you were trying to track down a product you needed, how did you do it? Through Google, we’re willing to bet. The same goes for your potential customers. Your website acts as business card, communication link, ad campaign and shop front all in one, and the beauty of it all is that’s it’s accessible 24 hours a day. It really is one of the most important startup marketing ideas for small business, as tempting as it may be to indulge in glossy flyers and embossed business cards instead.


Marketing online works — just make sure the quality and consistency of your content is high


Now let’s take a look at how Monique Flemming, the woman behind Bona Fide Beards turned a conditioner she made at home for her husband’s beard into a thriving small business. The bulk of her small business marketing took place online. She invested a small amount of money in Facebook advertising, and made sure her social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram were oiled and fired out engaging and interactive content. Taking to social media to boost your brand awareness is a great marketing idea for small business, but the key is in the consistency and the quality of the content. Take look at the content created by Bona Fide Beards — they blog and post videos about beard maintenance, as well as about all the stuff they love as entrepreneurs (beer, bikes, travel).


You’re more likely to buy from someone you have something in common with


Giving your small business marketing this personal edge (if appropriate) will make you appear friendlier and help create common ground with your customers. Think about it, if you loved wine and discovered that the guy who runs the bicycle shop you were thinking of buying from used to be a winemaker, you’d be sure to want to buy from him more. That said, your content must also contain valuable information for your audience — even though she doesn’t have a beard.


Bona Fide Beards proves you can start with a website and end up with an empire


Bona Fide Beards started out as an online store, and now — thanks to some excellent startup marketing ideas for small business — they’re planning to open a bricks and mortar store in 2016, complete with a space for production, an office and even a barber. But nothing would have come about were it not for their website. Their story proves that in order to succeed, you don’t need a colossal marketing budget – only money spent in the right places. Investing in a digital marketing package that is affordable and simple enough to manage yourself is a great starting point for any small business trying to take the online arena by storm.

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