Startup marketing ideas to turn your landing pages into high-conversion machines

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Startup marketing ideas to turn your landing pages into high-conversion machines

In our previous blog we looked at how call to actions (CTAs) are an integral part of your online marketing strategy. But all CTA’s need to be able to lead somewhere, so today we discuss the importance of landing pages.


In general terms, a landing page is a web page that a visitor will land on after clicking through from another page. From a promotional perspective, a landing page should be designed for a specific marketing campaign.  It should be distinct and stand out and alone from the main website, meaning it can only be accessed through the link you provide on your CTA. Creating promotion-specific landing pages is what this blog will focus on.


The purpose of a landing page is to capture the details of visitors coming onto a website so that you can market to them in future. By offering something for “free” like an infographic or ebook you are essentially ‘’warming them up” before asking them to consider supporting your business. Landing pages in inbound marketing are seen as the front gate before a friendly exchange can take place, visitors get a great piece of content and you get personal information that will help you generate leads.


Startup marketing ideas and landing page best practices to take note of


In our previous blog on using CTAs in your startup marketing ideas, we advised you to tell your reader exactly what to expect before arriving on the landing page. If the two don’t match, your reader will soon lose interest. ‘Message match’ is the measure of how well your CTA matches with what you have on your landing page. If you tell your readers to download an eBook but they land on a product page, this is an example of a bad message match. Your messages needs to match the end-offer on the landing page. According to this landing page conversion course, “By ensuring a strong message match, you are letting the visitor know that they made a good click.”


A similar phenomenon, known as ‘scent match’, is a problem that occurs when the visual aspect of your landing page is off. The reader clicked through a beautifully designed CTA only to land on a page that’s messy and unappealing.


Startup marketing ideas to help you with your landing pages


Unlike a homepage that displays your business’ overall brand and corporate values – loaded with extra links and navigation designed to allow visitors to explore to other parts of your website – a landing page needs to have all links and navigation out of sight for your visitors to pay attention to the only action they need to take.


We understand that designing anything, let alone a landing page, can be quite intimidating, especially if you have no design experience. But we have you covered, follow these great design tips to improve your landing page success:


  1. Keep it simple: You can’t expect online users to read an entire page of text. They may end up skimming through and miss any important detail you wished to get across. To help them, allow them to understand the point of the landing page as quickly as possible. Usually this is done by visually scanning the page, so keep your design uncluttered and simple. The same can be said for your landing page copy. It’s easier to design around short text, as opposed to large amounts of text. Clearly identify the benefits of your offer using bullet points and outline important detail in bold or italics.
  2. Make use of bold colours: If you want your CTA to really stand out on your landing page, then you need to use a contrasting colour to help your ‘submit’ button stand out so your readers don’t have to search for it. Have a look at these examples to illustrate this point. You will see in the first example that the landing page is primarily white and grey, while their ‘become a driver’ CTA is in bold pink.

  3. Avoid adding too much imagery: Including too many images on your landing page will not help increase your conversion rate, in fact, it becomes a hinderance. Having flashy images strewn across the page will distract readers from the main objective of the landing page. Do you want your website visitors to look at the pretty pictures or click the button? Bear in mind that too many images will also impact on your website’s load time, which could increase your bounce rate. When using an image in an effort to keep your visitor on the page, use one main image, but ensure it’s a background aid and not a distraction.


We make it our business to help yours by providing you with the best startup marketing ideas, not only that, we can provide you with effective tools to help improve your online marketing strategy and ensure your potential clientele comes looking for you. In the age of online, you simply cannot afford not to be there. Improve your online marketing strategy today and try our free 30-day-trial.