Affordable website design to help grow your business

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Affordable website design to help grow your business

A potential customer has clicked on to your website and bounce, they leave instantly – what happened? You might have a quality product to offer the world, but it seems all your cries for customer attention online are falling on deaf ears. How do you ensure that your company website turns visitors into customers, instead of chasing them away? Before you design your own website, consider these tips to help keep visitors on your site long enough to result in valuable interactions:


The consequences of an amateurish website.


When a potential client clicks on to an unprofessional looking website it dampens their interest in the business. Since your website gives the impression that you can't afford a quality site, it consequently also creates the impression that you're not a trustworthy business. An unprofessional website leads to visitors asking questions like 'If this is what your website looks like, then what do your products look like?' or 'What kind of service will I receive from this business?' Your website directly reflects your brand image and, as you know, first impressions are important.


Why having a professional website in place is a business must.


Altogether 87% of respondents in a recent white paper survey  by Visible Logic confirmed that the first thing they do when hearing about the launch of a new business is to suss out their website. If your website isn't up to scratch, it'll be like inviting your customers to your front door then slamming the door right in their faces.


Altogether 100% of respondents admitted to leaving websites based on poor design and 80% went with a competitor because they had a better website. If you fall under the latter, then having a state of the art website in place guarantees good sales leads.


Affordable website design to the rescue.


Some companies use the term “affordable website design” loosely, especially when their highest packages on offer could reach R40 000. Once your website is up and running, you might end up struggling to deal with the technical aspects because of its complicated software? One wrong move could uproot all the work that's already been done. You could hire a permanent developer to focus on all aspects of your website, but they don't come cheap.


Sage Online Tools  takes all of these aspects into account at a fraction of the cost. You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for affordable website design when cost-effective and professional alternatives exist. Sage Online Tools offers essential, standard and premium packages, where the highest setup package doesn't exceed R10 000. View examples of our customer websites here


Upgrade your website to increase the credibility of your site.


According to the Visible Logic survey mentioned earlier, 96% of respondents think that it should be a priority for businesses to update their website according to industry trends. You can do this by adding an eCommerce store  to your website for example.


Sage Online Tools’ ecommerce stores are super easy to set up with simple drag and drop software. You can add product catalogues to your website and allow potential customers to scan through and buy effortlessly. To make your life even easier, we have partnered with Sage Pay and Sage Pastel Accounting to help your e-commerce store run smoothly. View our complete solution here


Once you've paid for your package, a designer is on call to help you with all aspects of your website and online store set-up. To see how it all works, try our 30-day free trial and gain a clear perspective on what quality, affordable website design really looks like.