When brands use online marketing tools right

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When brands use online marketing tools right


Remember the good old days when all online marketing entailed was having a single page website with a few images, colourful text and an email address? Or perhaps you’re too young to remember the digital landscape of the early 2000s. These days, there’s a whole arsenal of online marketing tools you need to use to make sure your piece of cyberspace is not only beautiful, but  also attracts the right audience and generates sales for your business. Navigating the plethora of online marketing tools can be daunting, but it needn’t be. We’ll take a look at businesses who are using online marketing tools right, and how you can too.

A digital marketing tool is anything that helps draw visitors to your website with the aim of converting them into leads


First of all, what is an online marketing tool? It’s any digital feature that helps your website attract audiences and convert them into leads, and then customers. As the internet and digital marketing evolve, so do the range of online marketing tools available. Examples include landing pages, blogs, calls to action (CTAs), paid media like Google AdWords and ecommerce sites. Even integrating your website with your social media platforms is a string in your online marketing strategy bow. However, your online marketing tools will only be effective if you have a responsive website, i.e., you can view it across all devices.


Now that you get the gist of the kinds of online marketing tools out there, let’s take a look at some brands that are making their online marketing tools work for them, and not the other way around.


Move Guides


As soon as you land on multi-national brand Move Guide’s homepage you can see three CTAs – “request a demo”, “contact us” and “newsletter sign-up”. Each of these links gives a visitor to the site a chance to become visible. It also gives the marketing department an opportunity to record a potential customer’s contact details in a way that doesn’t infringe any data laws. As well as being attractive, easy to navigate and uncluttered, they make it easy to traverse to their social media platforms.




WindowArt is a South African business that has a great online presence and uses online marketing tools effectively. As well as using a blog to draw visitors to their site through keywords, they make use of conversion assets like brochures and ebooks, “book a quote” and weekly newsletters to turn their audience into leads. As with all great webpages, this one is well-designed, easy to navigate and is a responsive website too.



Principa Data


Another home-grown company, Principa Data makes data analytics interesting and accessible through their fun images and Rugby World Cup prediction feature. They’ve got a link to an incredible animation on their homepage, a Twitter feed and a blog section. Within the blog section is their “sign up for the newsletter” conversion asset for converting visitors into leads.




Even if you’re not an entrepreneur or business owner, USA-based E-Myth’s website is so enticing, it’s easy to stick around to take their Work-Life Balance quiz, read their blog or read client stories. It’s well designed, there’s a live chat feature, and you can access pricing information easily. They even offer you their equivalent of a free trial – a free 60 minute coaching session.





Superbalist is one of South Africa’s most popular fashion sites. Stocking clothing for men and women, its ecommerce site offers free deliveries and returns, and you can sign up for a weekly newsletter. They’ve also positioned themselves as an online fashion magazine, with a segment of their website dedicated to blogs. The high quality blogs contain links to clothing items that you can purchase through their online store – an excellent tactic to set themselves apart from other clothes sites like Zando. 


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