Startup marketing tips: why you should open up a Facebook store

 2017-06-22 10:13 AM by
Startup marketing tips: why you should open up a Facebook store

Facebook is a social-sharing powerhouse. According to Smart Insights, they have the most active users compared with any other social media platform. So, if you aren’t marketing to this ocean of potential buyers, you are seriously missing out. Businesses understand the power of leveraging e-commerce and social media, but have they thought of bringing these two aspects together? By having a Facebook store, you can create a more convenient shopping experience and grab a prospect’s attention while they are fully engaged. This blog provides reasons why including a Facebook store in your startup marketing strategy is a good idea.

Put your business directly in front of potential clients

When businesses are on Facebook, users can engage with brands by airing their grievances, talking directly to the sales team, commenting on shared posts, and sharing their favourite products. All of which is valuable information and engagement for your business. When a potential client lands on your Facebook page, they aren’t merely looking around. This action signals that they are interested in your business and perhaps your products or services. Make it convenient for them to buy from you. Setting up a store on your Facebook page improves SEO because it can be used to direct traffic directly to your website.

Setting up your Facebook store

To add a store tab, you will need to have an existing Facebook business page. Setting up your Facebook store can become quite technical, so follow this guide to help you. Also, there is some admin you’ll have to undertake, including having to upload your products and pricing and connect it to a shopping cart, but thankfully most website building software can connect to your products on your online store so that when you make updates, they reflect on your Facebook store.

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Build your brand presence and improve your marketing ROI

A Facebook page gives your business more visibility. You control the voice so you can let your followers gain insight about your business. It’s an affordable startup marketing tool because you can use Facebook to build a community and in turn a customer base. At any point in time, you can create Facebook ads to reach a wider and specifically targeted audience. Facebook has a huge amount of data which you can use to refine your reach and ensure an optimal click-through rate.

Facebook and e-commerce work well together. Just ask Tatty Devine. Facebook accounts for 50% of their website traffic and 65% of their total revenue generated on social media. “It’s been important to the development of our website and e-commerce,” says Harriet Vine, the company’s co-founder, “and I think it’s been really encouraging. Sometimes you make stuff and you don’t really know what people think, but the encouragement and the overpowering love we get through Facebook…it’s phenomenal.”

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