Your website redesign

 2015-02-18 01:55 PM by
Your website redesign

You are about to redesign or have your website redesigned, how do you go about this?
There are so many aspects to designing your website, some are visible but many are invisible but do need to be built into your website redesign.

These are the things you need to think about and include in your website redesign.

What are you trying to achieve with your website redesign?


  • Are you just wanting to showcase your company?
  • Do you want to grow your customer base?
  • Do you want your website to bring you new customers? Local, National, International?
  • Do you want to sell products on your site?
  • Are you wanting to market directly to your customers using email and mobile tools?
  • Do you want to bring all your online efforts together with similar branding - website, mobile site, facebook site?


Who are your current and prospective customers?

It is vital to understand who you are targeting with your website redesign, this will affect the tone of your text, the content and the images you use on the site.

  • What is it that you do, that helps them as people and as businesses?
  • How do they access the internet? Using desktops, tablets or mobile devices?
  • Are the people who are going to visit your site people who know your company or are you going to draw them in using online inbound marketing?


How would you search for your company online?

As an exercise, type into Google what you would type (not your business name) if you were looking for the products and services your company offers.

It is then important to think of all the other phrases that could be typed to search for you, you can use tools to identify these or work with us to enable this for you.

These phrases or combination of words are the keywords people will type to find businesses like yours,in designing your site layout you will need a page for as many search phrases as you have identified are being searched for in your market.

Build your sitemap

A sitemap is key to planning your website, the sitemap is an outline of your entire site and shows each page, the key search phrase it is targeting and its position on your menu or on links.

I would suggest a spreadsheet with the columns page name, keyword to target, a description of the page, and where it is located (possibly it's parent page). Doing this will focus your efforts and ensure that you build a site which can draw new customers to you.

What content should you write for your website redesign?


  • General content – your homepage, the pages off your menus, a contact us page, a page describing your company, any policies you may have when people purchase products.
  • Blog content - in order to keep your site growing and to ensure you have relevance on search engines it is important to consider having a blog linked to your site. In considering this you need to think about whether to write your content yourself or to outsource it as part of your inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Premium content - a good way to generate leads is to create some premium content which people need to enter their contact details to access. More about this n future blogs.
  • Product merchandising - if you are selling or displaying products on your website - these MUST be properly merchandised. Good descriptive text, including keywords, good quality images, videos, technical specifications must be created and managed.