Grass fed beef burgers

Benefits of grass fed beef

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Grass fed beef burgers


There are many health benefits to grass- fed beef. Some of the main benefits are that it is four to six times lower in fat when compared to grain fed beef making it as lean as poultry and wild game. It also has a higher vitamin and mineral percentage. Grass fed beef is three times higher in omega-3 fatty acids than grain fed beef and the ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 is at the ideal ratio required for our bodies.


The greatest reason for tough meat is STRESS. If an animal has any form of stress whether it is from the transport, too little food or water, rough handling, temperature changes or stress at the abattoir the meat will be tough. One of the benefits of the Nguni is its natural ability to deal with stress.
All meat requires some intramuscular fat to make it tender. Although grass fed beef does not show the marbling, it still has a sufficient amount of intramuscular fat to be tender, juicy and flavourful. 
Another reason for tough meat is in the way that it is cooked, heat and timing is everything. 
All meat should be aged to enhance its tenderness and to concentrate its natural flavours.